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In addition to high temperature refractory products, Temtek Solutions also offers a variety of other products for use in high temperature applications. From Board & Block Insulation and Thermocouples & IR Sensors, to Metallic Refractory Anchors & Needles and Safety & Protection Products, Temtek Solutions provides a unique line of products that are ideal for protecting your equipment and personnel.


Board and Block Insulation
When it comes to adding additional layers of insulation quickly and easily, Calcium Silicate Boards, Vermiculite Boards and Vermiculite Slabs from Temtek...
Thermocouples and IR Sensors
Temtek Solutions provides a multitude of Thermocouples and IR Sensors that are ideal for a number of thermal measurement applications. Our Base Metal Assemblies...
Metallic Refractory Anchors and Needles
Temtek Solutions offers a full line of Metallic Refractory Anchors and related products. Whether it is carbon steel, 304SS, 310SS, 316SS, 330SS or Inconel...
Safety and Protection Products
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